At dawn, the Eagle watched the grim procession of faces reflected on the mirror surface of the lake from the highest hill. Black day has come. The Lord of the World was dead. And the whole world was plunged into mourning. The King Lion was dead. The gracious Lord, who was the sun and moon for his people. He had left a deep trace in the heart of everyone that had met him.The courtiers of the King were walking to the highest hill of the kingdom to say their last goodbyes to the monarch. The road was ran through The Infinite Lake. Everyone who passed over the lake looked into the water, a magic mirror which reflected their deepest and most sincere feelings for the one who had left their lives forever.

The first of the dark procession was the Dowager Queen. The sorrow and pain of loss filled her eyes with tears once more. She could not stand exposure to the memories, so she turned her eyes away from the mirrored surface of the Lake and was plunged into boundless longing for her beloved husband.

The second was the closest friend of the King – the Tiger. The fires of envy and hate gleamed in his reflection. The Lake recalled his longstanding grievances and secret lust for power, concealed for years under the guise of friendship. Tiger caught his contented grin in the reflection and quickly, before anyone noticed, changed it to a mask of sorrow.

The Man was following the Tiger. In his hand he held a bloody spear. The lake was covered with ripples because of the power of his anger, reflected in the water. Noting this, the Man just quickened his pace.

Hyena, throughout the journey, saw the years of humiliation and foresaw the fear of the new ruler. She ran, constantly looking around, not wanting to show her lack of regret.

Zebra habitually raced, stretched to the limit, occasionally catching herself thinking about the unre- strained fear of the cruel King. The bright flashes of memories of merciless chases burned inside of her, making her quick and restless.

Once everyone had arrived, there was no one who did not weep. Only the Eagle, who watched them all from the highest hill in the Kingdom, knew the true secret of the Lake of Tears.

By Mariya Tatarnikova 2013 

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